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O/T New 13" Mac Books announced

O/T New 13" Mac Books announced
  Well, as we all know each other better after that great 25 bits of info thread, I believe there are some gadget girls and mac lovers among you.
Ive been waiting for this mac to come out, hubby bought the 15" Mac book pro recently but I like the smaller form factor and currently have the 12" Power book. So was waiting for the intel replacement and its here :yay:
So it might not be fashion but it is shopping, plus there is now a colour choice of black or white, just like the ipods and nano:lol:
Have credit card in hand, just need to pick my spec and colour and order:yay: :yay:
New toy new toy :) :p


awwww :throb:
white, always white! well i would say that considering i had to get my hands on a white psp from japan so it would match my ipod :o
eta: this must be to eventually replace the ibook right? considering it doesn't have pro in the name and looks completely different to the 15.3" and 17" macbook pros.


Yup it replaces the ibook. Its seems to be an "Inbetween"IYSWIM. They are stopping the ibook and not doing a 12/13" Mac book pro.
The white one is a good choice as they seem to be charging another 200 for the black one:eek:


:eek: 200 more???
just looked at the announcement and it's slower than the pro and the comparisons are with the ibook.
now hurry up and do a new ipod already :rant:


Oh yes I "need" one of those :p I have a 60GB colour screen one but its not as nice and thin as the newer video ones.
Rumours are the complete surface will be a touch screen. Looking like the front does now but with a touch screen type wheel when your listening to music. But then turns into a nice big full screen for watching videos!
Oh update on the black versus white Mac books, when you compare specs etc and upgrade memory etc the difference works out as 90, but still they dont do that for the nanos and ipods, its the same price whatever the colour.

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