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  I'm going to a leaver's ball soon and already have my dress. I got it into my head that i really really want a clutch, but it'd have to be pretty big as i like to cart around half my house! :lol:
Anyway, i know what i want in my mind, but i cant seem to find it any shops. As my dress is a light browny colour, i was thinking i could team it with a chocolately brown satin clutch? With a big bow on the front. And big enough to fit in some portable straighters! (lol, i dont ask for much, do i? :o )
Has anyone seen anything similar either in shops or online, as i've had no luck..?


Have you looked on ebay? Try the vintage section!


Hmm, big bows? Will this do you from Principles? It's not technically a clutch, but you could tuck the handles inside the bag...


The main thing with a clutch bag is that they're usually pretty compact so I doubt you'll find one big enough. Can you take another bag and stash it in the cloakroom for your essentials and take a smaller clutch for effect?


Monsoon/Accessorise has some nice bags in that colour, can't vouch for the straightners fitting though!
I like Babyzee's suggestion, very chic! :cool:

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