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98% of women hate their bodies?!

98% of women hate their bodies?!
  Radio one have been sproating this stat all day. Surely that can't be right?!!:eek:


I can easily believe that actually, shocking isnt it? :(


I mean, don't get me wrong, there are bits of me that I'm not especially fond of, but there is no way I could say I hate my body!! maybe I'm just strange? :o


I think the survey was on how women feel about specific body parts, so 98% are unhappy with at least one thing. I think that's believable, even women who are happy with their bodies generally might say they'd like, i dunno, smaller toes, or slimmer ankles or something. So the results are misleading because you can have one thing you don't like but still be happy with your body.
Does that make sense?


i love my bum because it's comfy to sit on...

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