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Clear outs

Clear outs
  How often do you clear out clothes etc? What do you do with the stuff?
I am always clearing stuff out maybe too much as I keep finding trends that I have recently gotten rid of drift in again. I don't throw anything in the bin unless it is unwearable and give everything to the charity shop or friends who think I am mad for getting rid of perfectly good clothes. The thing is after I have worn something loads I can't bear the sight of it and Can't imagine wanting to wear it again so I get rid of it, perhaps too hastily. I justify it by saying I don't buy really expensive clothes so it is no great loss but it adds up.


I have one once every few months, and always at changes in seasons. But I get rid of clothes only after fairly lengthy consideration - I have an 'in doubt' pile that I keep for a bit before deciding to get rid of them!
I give my mum and sister first refusal and then the rest goes down to the charity shops.


i clear out about every 2/3 months, and just give it to charity mainly.....


I used to be terrible at hoarding clothes but I have got a lot better. I now have a good clear out once every 6 months and what I donít wear or donít like anymore gets either stuck on Ebay or given away to charity shops.
You have to clear out to make room for more really donít you?!

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