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O/T Nighty Night

O/T Nighty Night
  How good is Julia Davis? Jill is so wrong she is right!


My best mate does Glen impressions at every single inopportune moment she can be it in the pub when nobody but you can see or at her boss behind his clients back to which he sprayed his drink everywhere.
Bis client just happened to be Bandy Aguilera who got a gob full of green tea :lol:


I loved the first series, but just couldn't get into the second. :(
I work with someone who has a tick like the guy with the teeth.


'Allo Don, Ow's you?'
I love it. My boy does Glen impressions, sometimes during sex. It is W.R.O.N.G.


PMSL! At least he knows he's doing it unlike someone I once knew in the biblical sense :faint: Sexy bloke though, sex face a bit wrong! He looked at you like he was looking at a baby in a pram!

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