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O/T for gadget girls

O/T for gadget girls
  I know I SHOULD post this on gadgets but its just so slow in there and there's a few gadget loving girls in here I've noticed....ANYWAY...
I'm buying a new MP3 player and after much consideration I have narrowed it down to either the Iriver H10 or the Creative Zen Sleek. But I'm not sure which to choose :rolleyes:
They're both 20GB, have photo facilities, FM radio, audio recording and look quite nice too.
This is the iriver:,00.jpg
And the Creative:
Both decent looking players but thats not important really.
So PLEASE help me choose! Before I drive Mr AMP mad with my indecisiveness! :o


my boyf has the creative zen and he absolutely loves it. its fantastic, i wish i had bought that one


I've got the creative zen touch which the sleek has replaced and love it! So much so that I bought my OH an identical one.
Contrary to some comments I've never found the software hard to use and it works easily with mediaplayer 10 as well.
When I was looking the I-river was the alternative for me too but there was a big price difference, not sure if there is now?


The cheapest one:)


I've just got your bog-standard normal iPod, but when I was looking for a MP3 player, I heard a lot of good comments about the Creative Zen!

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