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Can't think of a better subject than shoes...

Can't think of a better subject than shoes...
  Am going away this weekend - apart from looking at the weather forecast (Europe), I can't tell what the weather's going to do!! Basically, I have no 'in between' shoes that I can wear just with, say, jeans. I've got boots, wedges, flip flops, ballet pumps, trainers - but what I really want is something with a bit of a heel but not completely open toe - I just want something in between. Am probably not making much sense...!
What's out there shoe experts!! I just want to feel casual but smart in my jeans!


How about these? They come in bronze, silver and black as well.


Or these; they come in navy too. I have them and they're quite cute IRL and very comfy!


where are those shoes from? (both pairs please)
I love them!!!! :D


Sorry, forgot to say - they're both from Dorothy Perkins

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