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(very) O/T. Accomodation in London

(very) O/T. Accomodation in London
I've been offered some work experience in London for a few weeks during the summer. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I really want to do it but I have nowhere to stay! Does anybody know of any cheap youth hostels in London? Any ideas would be great. I can't really accept until I know that somewhere's possible but I really want to take it. The placement's unpaid which is why I need somewhere cheap!


This website might help


ooh...i got an email about accom in london yesterday for people who have work exp etc!
you should check out uni halls of residence such as where you can get uni rooms (self catering or poss catered) from 73 a week. it'd probably be as much as a hostel but perhaps a bit more comfortable and private, esp if youre doing work exp which requires suit wearing etc.
for a hostel, id recommend the generator hostel near russell square which is v comfy and modern.
good luck!


Try - they have loads! Also some are pretty cheap too.


Yay, thank you all. I'm so excited!

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