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Cinch Belts

Cinch Belts
  Hey all!
I am really into those waist cinching belts, but i dont really know what to wear one with... Any ideas? Bear in mind im a size 12, so no skinny jeans please :P


Absolutely everything :) I think over long-line tops is best, or longer length jumpers/cardis - with any sort of jeans, skinny or bootcut/ flared, I think they all look nice! You can also wear them over dresses!


What GJ said :D
I'd suggest have a scout around on Style Diary, cinch belts tend to feature quite a lot in a variety of outfits/styles so I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration!


I am actually quite surprised at how often I wear mine, when I bought it, I didn;t think I would wear it that often. Also agree with GJ, they look great over longer cardigans or tops, more voluminous (is that the word?) tops too :)

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