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O/T Hoxton

O/T Hoxton
  Hello lovely fashion girls,
Haven't been about much lately as I've been insanely busy, so I apologise that my first return to the Bag comes in the form of a plea for help.
I am trying to organise a night out in Old St/Hoxton area for a few weeks' time as I love it there. BUT I don't know the area as well as I'd like and I want to plan ahead so it'll be fantastic.
It will be a three-stage evening (can you tell I'm planning it with military precision?), starting with dinner, then bar drinks, then a club.
Where can you recommend for any or all of these stages?! Food-wise, Japanese, Vietnamese and the like would be ideal. Music-wise, I am very flexible, as long as it is danceable-to.
Please help! xx
PS. Expect a panicky thread about outfits nearer the time!


Haven't been out there a huge amount recently sadly due to my move west *sniff*...but I remember really liking the Thai restaurant in the square - Yelo. I also love Cay Tre - Vietnamese restaurant on Old Street.
Top fave for cocktails has got to be Loungelover - er, if someone else is paying :o
I also think the cocktails in Bluu are good and I like the laid-back vibe.
The Light bar closer to Liverpool St is good - if a bit packed. Also the bar at the Tea building (huge old warehouse on the corner) but haven't been there for absolutely ages so I don't know if it's still any good.
Generally a fun place to go out though and much prefer it to the west end!


I am going to Cocomo on Friday so I'll let you know what that is like since I've read some good reviews. Going towards Moorgate there is Context which is fun but a bit loud if you want a quiet bar where you can chat.


Thanks ladies.
Cay Tre sounds good Pandora, as well as Bluu. I'd like to keep everything pretty close together if possible. So is the T Building a bar then? For some reason I thought it was more of a club. I live NW, so I feel your pain. It's lovely around here, but it's quite dull for going out.
Definitely keep me posted about Cocomo, Jess.
I've been hearing lots about Herbal, how do people rate it? I like the range of music in 333, myself. Any other clubs?!


Well you can go to clubs but there always seem to be quite a few bars with late licences and DJs which is probably more my thing.
Cay Tre is great actually - don't be put off by the somewhat 'austere' appearance - the food is spot-on.
333 used to be great but I haven't been there in years so can't really comment.
As for tea building - well it's a bar in the day but they have a late licence and music so I guess it's mroe clubby in the evening.

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