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Clear straps bras for 34e cup?

Clear straps bras for 34e cup?
  Does anyone know where I can get a good bra with clear straps or strapless that is push up style in an E cup?
I want to be able to wear it under a bustier?
Please help
Sorry I have posted this in the wrong section and it won't let me delete it


I'd try bravissimo.


I've moved this into Fashion for you, as I noticed you'd got a response, Miss-Saskia. Hope you don't mind.


fantasie does a really good strapless bra collection, different patterned and plain ones in various colours that aren't too expensive (less than 30 i think) . they also do one that has a low back and comes down to your waist so it holds you in and really stays put.
rigby and peller are also good for pretty strapless but its 55, or if you really want to splash out go for the corset thing in pearl which is 130.
if you already have a good bra you could buy clear straps from brava or some other brand too.
if i were you, i'd head to a department store and grab one of the assistants and tell them what you're after. they'll be able to show you whats what, and they might have stuff in the back which isn't out on the shop floor yet. and they should have catalogues so you can see full ranges.
hope that helped!


Thanks for all your replies

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