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Casual friday at work..what do you plan to wear!

Casual friday at work..what do you plan to wear!
  Is your office the same as mine..! Every Friday is casual Friday and we get to wear what ever we want! For some people it is an excuse to drag all there old clothes out that they look like they have been decorating in but for other people we do try to show people our true style!
This week I plan to wear black skinny jeans, with my red patient peep toes shoes, red camisole, white short sleeved cardigan and a set of long length white beads.
So what do you wear on casual Friday?


Yeah we have dress down Friday's every week. We get the jeans and bulky trainers combo from the older males and the "River Island GA massive" aswell.
In fact come to think of it there are only about 3 stylish people in the whole company that I've seen!
I dunno what I'm gonna wear tomorrow. Will post tonight when I get in!


We have dress down Friday too and all that seems to happen is the blokes just swap their shirts and cartoon ties for a nice beer belly hugging t-shirt. Obviously no outfit is complete without a company fleece so that remains unchanged. We don't have many women but of those we do have about 50% make an effort. I'm in the 50% but I don't plan in advance, what I wear is highly weather dependant (not that I actually go outside much, it's just habit).


Oh joy. For those of us with over-zealous air con it's that time of year again where you have to bridge the fine line between boiling outside at lunch and freezing your bits off for the rest of the day :rolleyes:
Tomorrow I'm planning on wearing a black and white patterned skirt with black ballet slippers, white vest, little black cardi and long black beads. I think....
Nat J


We have no dress code where I work so I tend to wear office stuff all week and then dress down on a Friday.
Think I might wear Converse, bootcuts and my new blue top from TopShop with a belt and sunnies. I can't wear heels tomorrow because my feet are still killing me from when I wore boots all day and all night on Weds :(
Kinda like wearing trainers round the office anyway, it's kind of refreshing and chilled :)

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