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"Urban dresscode"

"Urban dresscode"
I'm going to a "young professionals" 7pm - 1am event tomorrow night (on the Champs Elysées). It's supposed to be a straight from work type thing but the dress code is "Urban" - what does this mean??:o
I'm thinking (hoping) that it doesn't mean tracksuits & gold chains, but wearing a suit seems a bit OTT too.
Would a dress & heels be appropriate?


This is the flyer:


How about a printed shift dress, black tights and fantastic skyscraper heels?
I love this look right now.
Sienna looked excellent at the Met Costume Gala last night:


I'm a bit older and quite a bit fatter than Sienna, but a slightly less butt-skimming version might be nice. I bought a red & white dress this weekend at Next which is a similar shape to that one. Although I'm not sure if it isn't too thin to put dark tights underneath...


That outfit of Sienna's is :great: was looking at it this morning in the newspaper.

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