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A highly unfashionable quest...

A highly unfashionable quest...
  As I've mentioned on other threads I'm walking 26 miles in the Playtex Moonwalk in a few weeks time. I need a bum bag- remember them :eek: - to put my essentials in for the 7 hour walk as a rucksack will be too annoying and probably rub.
Has anyone seen any that aren't too hideous or have an idea where I could get one??


I can't help with the bumbag, sorry, but I just want to say that what you're doing is great. It's to raise money for breast cancer charities, isn't it, or am I thinking of something completely different? :o
Either way, good luck!


Yes that's the one- 15,000 women & men walking 13 or 26 miles in London at night in decorated bras! Think I may be mad! :p


you can get them from walking shops or from specialist bag shops-you know the sort that stock loads of holdalls and non-gorgeous bags in the windows?Short of that-get yourself a Gucci one!!!:lol:


I saw one of these in topshop at the weekend!! It was just a glance as it was in the window but may be a more stylish option for you! :D

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