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A bit O/T - is this acceptable?

A bit O/T - is this acceptable?
  Hi ladies
Iīm just about to shoot off for my flight home but wanted to get your thoughts in an eBay problem I have.
I purchased my Muse last Monday and paid a tenner for special delivery requesting that I needed it for Friday to take away with me. It hadnīt turned up by Thursday and only after 2 emails did the seller come back to me to say it wasnīt in stock. I emailed him back to say I was disappointed and that I wanted a postage refund. No reply all over the weekend. I chased again and he said he would send it today. I again stated that I wanted a postage refund as I didnīt receive the item as quickly as he stated it was available. He has just emailed me again to say very very sorry but bag is on itīs way.
My reply was "OK but what about my postage refund?" I asked him if I should request the refund through eBay (although I have no idea if thereīs any facility which allows me to do this).
Am I being arsey? I am really fecked off at his crap communication and the fact that he just apologies but doesnīt offer any kind of refund/compensation. He has already left me positive feedback btw.
Any thoughts would be appreciated - and apologies for superlong post.


No I dont think you're being arsey- Id be furious as well!
I dont think theres any way of taking it up with ebay really, but Im sure others might know better!
I guess you'll just have to keep emailing him, as hes obviously sent it normal post now instead
H x


No you're not being arsey! I would be very annoyed too, specially as you paid the extra for quick delivery - he has kept your money for something he didn't do :mad: Grrrr I hate Ebay sometimes!
I think all you can do is keep requesting the postage refund hun, and tell him you'll leave neutral or negative feedback if you don't get it. He's already left yours, so theres not much he can do is there!


Go for it, he took your money on the understanding you would get it by a certain date, he should refund you at least the additional postage you paid for special delivery as he failed to provide the service you paid for.


He has actually sent it special delivery now - albeit a week too late! Iīm glad you donīt think Iīm being arsey though :o
Gotta dash now so will pick this up when Iīm back in the UK. Thanks for your thoughts - any more are welcome! :D

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