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Carrier bags

Carrier bags
  I know that's an odd title, sorry! :lol:
When I went to Dublin over Easter I noticed that most stores either use paper bags, or charge a levy for plastic bags. I thought it was a fab idea (probably something that would be useful if a few more places adopted it...), and it got me thinking about carrier bags.
Bear with me, please...
When I go shopping I'll often put things into my first bag (i.e if I buy something from TS, then something from Warehouse I'll put the Warehouse item in the TS bag to save on using two bags) but it would be much more environmentally friendly to use a tote bag for everthing!
This is a bit of a ramble really, but I was just a bit dumbstruck that it's never really been something that I've actively considered or that has occurred to me as being a good idea :o
Does anyone take an extra bag out shopping with them for this purpose?


I don't take out extra bags but if I'm buying small items then I'll chuck them into larger bags to use up sapce.
I should just stuff say, 3 carrier bags into my bag when I go shopping to do my bit for the environment but it just wouldn't cross my mind to do so.


My Gran does! :lol: ;)
I use the 'bag for life' bags at supermarkets but it's never occurred to me to take one clothes shopping!
Nat J


I take a bag out with me when I go shopping but in most shops they've already put the item in a bag before I have a chance to say I don't need one, I think more shops should be like Holland and Barratt which is the only shop I know of where they actually ask if you want a carrier bag


Totally O/T but I collect posh carrier bags :embarrassed: but I dont put one carrier bag into another one.

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