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'Candy Love' coat in the Dulux ad

'Candy Love' coat in the Dulux ad
  1 Attachment(s) I think I'm being brainwashed by the Dulux ad. Very time it comes on I lust after 'Candy Love's' pink swing (I think) coat with the over-sized buttons!
This is the only pic I can find but if you've seen the ad you'll know...
I'm even contemplating knee socks as a hosiery option...:p


I LOVE that coat too!! Now I'm not a fan of pink in any way shape or form as it looks somewhat horrendous on me but I'd love to know where to get a coat like that from!!
Kisses xx


I love that coat! I love all the colours in that ad, it's sad. :o


I think it's quite a 60s style. The over-sized buttons are maybe a bit Marc Jacobs?
I don't know where you'd get one as I've never seen anything like it in the shops. I can't relaly imagine wearing that shade of pink either but maybe in Plum it would be nice!
Oh dear, what kind of weather is it when it's April and I'm fantasising about winter coats?!


yeah,its gorgeous!!!!Maybe they had it made up so that they could get the exact colour.

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