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Can't believe it!

Can't believe it!
  Can you remember back in December time in 2004 and that 5 voucher thing was going on with Figleaves? Well, I got an email from them the other day saying that something that I had ordered from had been sent back to them by Royal Mail. It must have got lost in the post and has only just been found now! :eek: It was a bra that I ordered, but I had forgot all about it. Well, it came yesterday, 16 months after it was originally ordered!!! :eek:


Did you get a refund off them cos the item didn't arrive?


The bra was only 5 and I used that 5 voucher, but I think that I got carried away back then ordering different things from them :o , that I forgot what I had ordered. It must have been lost in one of the Royal Mail sorting offices and no card was left through my door for it. It must have just been sent back to them recently. Can't believe it has been lost for 16 months! I had to sign in to my Figleaves account to find out what it was I had ordered!!! :lol:


:lol: is it a nice bra?


Yes it's a nice bra. It's by Virginware: Diamond Essential underwired padded bra in a powder blue colour. Not bad for nothing! :yay:

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