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Help please!!

Hi! my nephew is lagging behind in his fine motor skills.
especcially in his printing..

What are ways to improve his printing skills, and fine motor skills?

He is 5, almost 6. And in grade 1!

we need ideas how to help..plz. (He lives with his nana, me ( aunt), and my brother)

While in kindergarten, his teacher's never told us, he was behind in it. except on his 2nd last day, and she said to me.. work on his letters, or he might get behind. (2 days after that he started grade 1)
he went to a kindergarten, that was also worked as a daycare. (they were allowed to come earlier, and stay later)

Thank You.

does anyone have any ideas?
Next time we go to the store we're buying him playdoh... because websites say that helps..

we do have him trace, dots, letters, etc. he knows the alphabet, all colours (known them since 2), he knows shapes.. its just, his writing.. aah

He want's to write!oooh, legos.. we have some... Ill get them form the closet.. and he can play with those.. Thanks!

My 14 year old was in the same boat at that age. His teachers thought he was dyslexic. He was NOT. They tested him for everything under the sun, because he couldnt get his letters perfect or they were printed backwards, etc. Over time, it improved. We worked with him at home practicing. It finally corrected itself. Another issue they had was his lack of organizational skills. You should see his bedroom.... YIKES.. we havent found a good solution for that

(well, I thought of a firehose, or a bulldozer, but my husband wouldnt let me)

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