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Itchy Big Red Raised Bumps? Help!

Hi All,
A couple of days ago, my husband gave two of our cats a flea bath and all of the fleas apparently popped off. I noticed a few small red itchy bumps on my ankles and legs and over the next 2 days, more appeared.

What really concerns me is the BIG red bumps that are on my 4 year old daughter. A few days ago she had 3-4 regular size bumps that I assumed were mosquito bites. Each day more appeared. As of today, she has a ton of them on her ankles, back, waist, a few on her arms and 2 on her forehead. These bumps are very big, red, and hard. Some of them have yellow/pale looking pus in the middle of the bump. They look awful!

I did take her to the doctor today and she said they don't appear to be flea bites and she doesn't "think" they are chicken pox. My daughter doesn't have any fever, has lots of energy, regular appetite, etc. Any idea what these big red itchy bumps may be?

Allergic reaction to the chemicals used in flea bath?

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