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My 6 year old daughter already has 5 fillings in her teeth and was sent home from school yesterday with a note saying she needs 2 more.

Her 8 year old brother has good teeth and has only had 1 filling, but her 4 year old sister seems to be going the same way as my 6 year old, with 3 fillings already.

The three kids eat the same foods more or less, and I have the same brushing routines with all of them. Any ideas what the problem could be and how I should overcome it? Does anyone else have similar problems with their kids, where one has good teeth and one has bad, even though they eat the same?

First, I'm your children get their teeth checked in school?

My 6 year old son has had 4 or 5 fillings already. My daughter is 4 and has not had any cavities yet, although she has a "sticky" spot in one molar that they are watching. My son has very deep pits in his molars. Food gets stuck in them and it is so hard to get it out. I think that contributes to the cavities. I also think that genetics has something to do with it.

The school told you a filling is needed???? Strange....You might want to ask dentist about the protective covers (forgot what they're called) they can put on the teeth. (back teeth)...they are clear and protect the baby teeth from son had covers them..........

I'm in the UK, here the primary schools often have a dental van which comes around once in a while and does exams and necessary treatments.

They are called sealants, the stuff they can put on your child's teeth to protect them. My 7 year old has them and it is a fast, easy process. And so far, no cavities! Knock on wood....

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