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birth control and dreams...

I started taking the lo ovral pill in Februaury I believe and since that time I have been having trouble with dreaming. I have nightmares a lot more often now, and very vivid dreams that keep me from resting well.

Has anyone ever heard of this? This is the only thing I am taking regularly, so I wondered if it was a side effect of what.

Kind of odd because i understand what you're saying. Ever since i got on yasmin i have really vivid dreams too but never can remember them. But when i am having them there very life like im right inside of them. an there never good, there always a terrible nightmare. it's too hard to truly explain but i know my dreams sure feel different since ive been on BC but only on Yasmin. (I have also been on ortho lo, and solia) .. im sorry i cant help you but i just wanted to let you know i experience this also.

The women in my family, myself included always have voilent and bloody dreams before we get our period.. very strange.. but true. So I wouldn't be surprised that a BC pill would cause similar dreams.

I was on Yasmin for 9 months (just stopped using less than two weeks ago) and now that I think about it, I can't remember dreaming up the horror flicks I usually do! I still have very aggressive and stressful dreams at that time of the month.. but that could always be stress related in general.

Hormones do crazy thing to the body i guess!

Did you say you just started taking BC? If so, then maybe your dreams will calm down in a couple weeks, once your body has completely adjusted to the pill. I think it takes about 3 months for your body to be 100% adjusted to the hormones. That could just be my own opinion though.

Until then you can try different relaxing techniques before sleeping.. maybe that will help.-- reading a book (nothing horror or suspence!), camomile tea, try not to go to bed right after watching tv or a movie, even searching the web before bed will keep your brain active when trying to sleep.

Hope you start sleeping easier soon!

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