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Cranberry juice?

Ok this may be silly but I thought I would ask anyway. I just watched the movie The Departed with my boyfriend this weekend. And in it they say cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. I reasearched cranberry juice today and I found a few websites that say it is. I never heard of this before but I thought maybe it would help me get rid of some of the water weight I have from being on the pill. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it before?


First of all.. The Departed-- Awesome movie!! haha

I've never heard of Cranberry juice helping with water weight.. but I have heard that it helps prevent and clear up infections; yeast and urinary. Two years ago I had a urinary track infection and a few people kept telling me I needed to drink Cranberry juice, not just while i had the infection, but often. I'm sure there is truth to it. I mean.. what did people do back in the day before medicine right?!?!

My girlfriend swears by it.
However, it hasn't helped me- but maybe I'm not drinking enough of it- I think you need to drink a lot of it.

Thanks for your replies. I was wondering how much I would have to drink... i hope its not a TON every day. But I think i'll give it a try, I dont think it could hurt. :-)

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